Christine Boyle

201505_ChristineBoyle_PhotobyCaelieFrampton_001 for wordpressI am a community organizer, raised on Coast Salish territory in Vancouver, BC. I grew up in the United Church of Canada, have a BSc in Urban Agriculture and First Nations Studies from the University of British Columbia, and an MA in Religious Leadership for Social Change from University of California at Berkley. I am a co-creator of Fossil Free Faith and The Self Care Project. In my day job, I lead Strategic Communications at the Columbia Institute and their Centre for Civic Governance. In June 2015, I traveled to the Vatican for events around the release of Laudato Si’. I was also part of leading conversations within the United Church toward the decision to urge the church to divest from fossil fuels at General Council 42 in August 2015. I have an 11-year-old stepdaughter and a one-year-old son. Follow me on Twitter @christineeboyle.

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One thought on “Christine Boyle”

  1. Since I am retired UCC clergy, I am not up to speed with UCC positions on climate change or the recent GC42.
    Great to be introduced to you as an educated person in Indigenous Studies. I am Mohawk, therefore awakening to my history and the repression and abuses of Indigenous peoples for over two hundred years. I am also very interested in the science and politics of climate change and its impending tipping point. Please see my blog for more information on me and my spiritual/cosmological philosophy which reaches beyond orthodox religious and political doctrine. Namaste. BG

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