About the Delegates

Click on the photos to learn more about each delegate!

 201505_ChristineBoyle_PhotobyCaelieFrampton_001 for wordpress

Christine Boyle
Fossil Free Faith, Centre for Civic Governance at The Columbia Institute
Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver, BC
 barbara wilson (2)
Kii’iljus (Barbara J. Wilson)
Simon Fraser University, Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools Committee of The United Church of Canada
Haida Gwaii, BC

Mardi Tindal
Former Moderator (2009-2012) of The United Church of Canada
Toronto, ON


One thought on “About the Delegates”

  1. Hello Delegates. Christiana Figueres has crafted a new direction for climate action ( having cancelled the Kyoto Protocol after two decades of failure ). The green technology initiative should find universal support. The INDC’c are certainly the right approach. However, some countries are still calling for ‘legally binding’ targets and schedules. I hope the UC will speak out in support of Ms. Figueres’ initiatives. Regards, Tom Brydges


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