A Farewell to Colleagues… and Croissants!

COP21 ACT Alliance colleagues photo
An interfaith huddle to review and comment on the final Paris Agreement text on Saturday, December 12, 2015.


Back in Canada, I’ve just returned from a December meeting of the Roman Catholic-United Church Dialogue in Canada. As we bring our United Church’s Song of Faith into a duet with Pope Francis’ Laudato si, I can see how the work of COP21 will continue to be blessed by the spiritual gifts of faithful Canadians. Both the process and result of COP21 is already influencing our Dialogue’s messaging and action, and will continue to do so in the months to come. I trust that ours will be just one example of many faithful Canadian partnerships that will follow the lead of COP21.

And our faithful, mostly youthful global friends of ACT Alliance, Christian Aid, Development & Peace, the Lutheran World Federation, other Canadian partners such as the Canadian Foodgrains BankCitizens for Public Justice, the Climate Action Network of Canada, and the Canadian Council of Churches along with the World Council of Churches, will continue to be friends and partners in our work.

During the Paris talks, in morning strategy sessions and evening check-ins, we huddled with colleagues in the faith networks and with friends in the Climate Action Network and beyond, as well as with indigenous leaders from Canada and every region of the world. Our delegates also met daily with Canada’s leaders and negotiators, advocating for inclusion of certain shared principles, and offering suggested wording for the COP21 agreement.

Propelled by the world’s best café au lait and croissants, we did good work together, for which I will forever be deeply grateful. I’m already missing these good friends, not to mention the croissants!

Fresh croissants in Paris!



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