Fasting for the Climate


An interfaith group of religious leaders sits in front of empty trays as they Fast for the Climate at COP21 in Paris. Credit: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/LWF

Christine and I stood with global ecumenical partners to fast for the climate today at COP21 in Paris. Christine is fasting to bring attention to Indigenous peoples’ rights, and I spoke about how spiritual practices like fasting can bring inner strength for the demanding outer work of climate justice. There was a good international media presence, including Canadian.

#Fastfortheclimate is a growing movement of youth, environmentalists, and people of faith who are showing their strength of commitment by going without food once a month, on the first of every month, to call for world leaders to do more to solve the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, Rev. Stéphane Vermette, minister at Kanata United Church in Ottawa, has committed himself to fasting throughout COP21. He explains why in his weekly video reflection to his congregation.



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