To Live with Respect in Creation

Photos after typhoon Haiyan from Leyte Province
The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in Leyte Province, Philippines, 2013. Credit: ACT Alliance/Christian Aid

The problem is real. Climate change impacts are being felt around the world. The greatest burden is falling on people in the Far North and Global South—those who have contributed least to the problem.

The United Church of Canada, together with other churches and faiths in Canada and around the world, is deeply concerned about climate change.

The United Nations’ Climate Conference in Paris (COP21), November 30–December 11, 2015, could be a critical turning point for climate change policy and the future of the planet. The problem is real, and it’s time for the Government of Canada to exercise leadership.

The United Church is sending three delegates to COP21. You can find out more about our delegation here.

Find out what you can do, as people of faith, for climate justice in the lead-up to COP21.


2 thoughts on “To Live with Respect in Creation”

  1. blessings to each of you as you join the other members of the delegation! a group of us will gather in Carman MB tonight to watch the documentary “This Changes Everything” and next week, on Dec 4 we are holding an outdoor day of prayer and conversation for the climate change talks… it is so encouraging to know that you are representing us in Paris….peace be with you! Karen Tjaden Crossroads United Pastoral Charge

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